Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Dragon's Den on Tour

Dragon's den on tour, great watching those turned down by the dragons saying there product was worthless now turning millions each year,a bit like Decca turning the Beatles down.Greedy people swamped by there own egos but rich enough not to give a ****.Bet some of them wished they'd asked for a bit less than 50% of the business now though.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Burslem & District Doubles Finals

Good night(Tuesday) at Fegg Hayes sport and social on Burslem and District Doubles finals,lots of big guns,Adrian Lewis and Andy Hamilton(both still pipped in final by some county players)Bad luck to Mick Williams(my uncle drawing Andy Hamilton early on)and also to Percy and Gerry(Grapes)who threw well but also went out.Crackin food,cracking darts, great night.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Calling Bullseye Fans!

OK Bullseye and Darts isn't everyone's cup of PG,and the Newchapel Grapes Team maybe celebrating a rare win over Norton Arms tonight!,but come on Bullseye Fans leave your comments on my Bullseye Trivia post comments below,SHOW these spammers that Darts is Life.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Bullseye Trivia

Here is a link to some interesting Bullseye trivia,you can't beat a bit of bully.

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Sun Readers

I recently did a post commenting on the Sun's Frontpage headlines and had a reply focussing on page 3,so here is a link for all you avid page 3 ,I mean sun readers enjoy!!!!

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Tuesday 9th December Yet another Grapes Win !!!!!

What can be said here,Darts a funny old game?,well the Raven team(playing from Bennets) must have thought this one was in the bag,leading 6-2 with a slow start from the Grapes.It has to be said myself and Scot pulled this win out of the bag with a 180 from Scot not bad for a three leg game,although I did hit one practising earlier(ask percy!).After a superb pull back of 3 games from Scot.The game was poised at 6-6 with me the anchor man stepping up knowing we only needed 2 legs for victory and this would seal an amazing comeback.Not scoring massively,being a bag of nerves,but just enough to pip the guy to the double I took the first leg.The atmosphere was now somewhat tense,with everyone crowding round.I felt a little under the spotlight to say the least.My opponent's poor scoring allowed me to take a comfortable lead however and it was a mighty relief as I took the winning leg.After cheers! and pats on the back from the lads.It seemed the pub emptied as people went out for a much needed cig,(wish I could have joined them).Maybe some of the Bennet's team also vanished in disgust.The stress told in the last leg as my concentration slipped and I allowed my opponent to get down to a double first,unfortunately he missed and I took out the double with my first dart on the next throw.A tense finale but the 9-6 Victory to the Grapes perhaps did no justice to the Raven and how close they nearly were.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Another Team falls under the hooves of the Grapes Bull Machine

Yes the Grapes Darting Maestros have done it again beating Ball Green 8-7,in a truly tense and mesmerising performance of tungsten tossing.Off to a good start with a 3-0 win from yours truly,how could the Grapes machine fail ? .Ollie bought some tension and a bag of nails to the game,trying way to hard to break an average of 20, as the losers levelled it back to 3-3,for a while we were in danger of slipping as a spritely silver fox pipped Gerry 2-1 to bring the game in favour of Ball Green 5-4,then Percy blistered the red and green bits with an emphatic 3-0 win to leave it 7-5 with only one game needed.Alan started off nervously as his opponent clinched the next leg 7-6,but then threw out of his skin to catch up and nail the winning leg 8-6,a final consolation leg for the gallant losers leaft it 8-7.Yet another dazzling dartistry display from the demon dartists sends shockwaves up the league leaving teams in the area shaking in their boots in fear of facing the mighty maestros from The Grapes Packmoor.

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Another Grapes Darts Team Win 21st October

Sneyd Arms anhilated 10-5 by the in form Grapes Darts team,Jim is worried he may have to buy another trophy cabinet and has recently given up buying rounds when the team win for fear he may be severely out of pocket there too.The lads are taking it in their stride though,just another day in the life of dart playing maestro's.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Darts Away Win!!!!!!!!!! Tuesday 7th October

Tonight we beat Norton Arms 9-6 playing away I(Shaun) won 2-1,Alan won 2-1,Ollie won 2-1,Percy was unlucky to lose 2-1 but still won a valuable game,Scott who played last but not least won 2-1 but only needed one game to secure victory.Only our second win thus far but beating a team at the top of the table away feels great and should do us a world of good in the confidence stakes.Celebrations all round and valuable points.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008


I have been dismissed for smoking in the toilets on the 22/9/08 (gross misconduct) at work, which I have denied, the company National Veterinary Services a wholesale supplier of drugs for animals and humans alike kept me hanging on for 3 weeks after two meetings (investigative/disciplinary), marched me off the premises with much loss of personal dignity on the initial accusation and at the final dismissal. They are sending information on appeal and I am currently consulting a solicitor. The accusation was based on smell and a smoky haze over the cubicle. Needless to say this has hit me hard both financially and personally (loss of sleep/depression and anxiety/strain on marriage).After nearly five years of employment with this company (recent government ban on a legal drug aside), I would have thought I would be entitled to more consideration as many people smoked in these toilets. I even stated that I had seen my Doctor for advice on giving up smoking but I think they took this as an admission of guilt. What they have done amounts to victimisation and if I can’t get legal address I am certainly going to let people know how they have treated a employee of nearly 5 years standing.
Shaun Pickerill

Saturday, 26 April 2008

Phil Taylor Darts

More or less at the end of the dart season now,and although it's taken me some time I'm getting used to the change of using the new sigma pro darts,and after opting for the lighter 21g version I have to have even more of an edge.I've won the last three of my league games with a 3 0 beating of a good player being particularly satisfying,several 140s ,no 180's as yet,but I'm sure they will come,don't know if there's a summer league but I am now much more optimistic about the the start of the next season.

Monday, 24 March 2008

Easter Bank Holiday

Well another British easter bank holiday is over and it's back to the grind tomorrow,we've had easter eggs,Bond on the tv,the passions of christ in aramaic,(great!)we've even had snow.Chucked some brilliant arrows in practise today,really getting used to the new sigma pro darts,although I have ordered some John Lowe 27g darts to try out.I haven't had a great deal of feedback yet,although google has supposedly indexed all my blogs.I have a new blog: The New Sexy Money which is basically about making money,and the carping blog is coming along.Let's hope they bring out this new British Autumn bank holiday(this year please).My brother reckons not a lot of people are interested in darts and carping blogs,maybe they'll be more interested in the money blog.

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Tuesday Sun Frontpage

Mucca chucksa cuppa water over macca's lawyer mikka makka moo sun front page headline writer and night garden writers one and the same further proof average age of sun reader is 1 to 4 years old.

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Monday Darts

Back to winning ways at Darts,won 2-1,team won 5-2,Crown and Cushion v Roebuck,getting use to the new darts now.Have used shorter aluminium shafts but might try out the heavier 25g darts which I understand Phil Taylor uses.

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Shift Happens

Take a look at this short clip I was sent from youtube makes you think!

Brit Awards 2008

I have to admit the Osbournes made a reasonable job of hosting this sort of tuned in to watch the usual gaffs for laughs,not really that interested in the music. Sharon's tirade of expletives at Vic Reeves was over the top,no matter how P****d he might have been,didn't look that drunk to me and never heard him swear,probably bored out of his skull so had a few too many.It was down to the old guard Sir Paul to provide any memorable musical performance,really got the crowd (largely teen girls) going.I'd rather hear Amy Whitehouse than see her too,looked a bit twitchy like aliens had taken control of her body, or maybe rehab wasn't working and those tattoos well my dad would have been proud of them.Top night! but super ego Sharon can X factor off,she spoiled one of the best presented Brit Awards I have seen for a while,"bingo bought this dress",we all know plugging bingo did,enough said.

Monday, 18 February 2008

Monday darts

Lost 3 0 tonight to Gardener's Arms player at Brown Lees who was so slow it put me off had to go on walks, twice missed doubles and last game leaft me with 111 on the board,Roger dodgers team played well and so did he.deserved to win,Simon, Crown and Cushion won 3 0 our only win,nice 18 darter with a 180,I used Phil Taylor's new darts tonight didn't help me much either,but they are nice darts,a bad workman etc.Better luck next week but a bad run of late.

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Phil Taylor New Darts

Notice Phil Taylor is using new darts Sigma Pro, miles away from his usual pencil style darts,does this explain his recent lack of form in the league or should we all buy them.



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